• When it comes to Blockchain technology, most people think of Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum… or collectively known as Cryptocurrencies…., but this is only a very small aspect of blockchain technology. In fact, no one has yet been able to see the full potential of Blockchain technology and no company has claimed to do so. In the context that people around the world are thinking that the field of Cryptocurrency is the representative of Blockchain, that is completely wrong.

  • Every day on this planet, many companies are born and bring with them a certain type of Crypto with a future orientation with the promise that its price will increase very high, but they do not provide necessary and sufficient conditions for it to increase prices and can hold steady.

  • Many people are doubting the integrity of the blockchain as many low quality crypto issuers are making them lose most of their investment.

  • In fact, blockchain has not yet brought many benefits to humans when its potential is great.

  • The currencies of the governments are depreciating and the inflation rate is very high, the military and economic wars are going on everywhere making people insecure and tend to accumulate some kind of wealth that they cannot afford. can take anywhere.

=> Aware of the limitations in the general context of Industry 4.0 and more specifically Blockchain technology, Natiol Infinity has been one of the leading companies in the research and development of "all-in-one" applications. in one". to bring blockchain technology closer to life, and show the world that the industrial revolution 4.0 becomes clearer, no longer as vague as people say.

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