Gamefi - Play To Earn

Playing games for money is a new profession of human society
The biggest difference of Gamefi from traditional games is that by applying blockchain technology to the game, players can earn money (coins, tokens) through in-game quest rewards or get rated well.

Why develop gamefi?

After the rise of Axie Infinity, GameFi quickly took over the traditional gaming industry. Engage your players by offering them the opportunity to earn while playing. So what is GameFi and how is it different from the video games we know?
What is GameFi? It is a term that refers to a combination of word games (games) and finance (finance). Refers to blockchain games played for money, providing players with economic incentives. The GameFi Ecosystem uses cryptocurrency, Non-fungible GameFi Tokens (NFTs) and blockchain technology to create virtual game environments.
Usually, players earn in-game rewards by completing quests, fighting other players, and passing different game levels. They can also move their assets outside of the game to trade on crypto exchanges and NFT markets.

What is GameFi's mechanism of action?

In GameFi, rewards can be in different forms, such as cryptocurrencies, or game assets such as virtual lands, avatars, weapons, and clothing. Each GameFi project will use a different game economy and model.
In most cases, in-game assets are NFTs that run on the blockchain, which means they can be traded on the NFT marketplace and have tokens in the form of GameFi Tokens.
In-game content such as virtual lands, avatars, weapons, and clothing. Each GameFi project will use a different game economy and model. In most cases, in-game assets are NFTs that run on the blockchain, which means they can be traded on the NFT marketplace.
Usually, in-game assets give players certain benefits, allowing them to earn more rewards. However, some games also have completely visual avatars and decorations that do not affect gameplay and benefits.
Depending on the game, players can earn rewards by completing quests, fighting other players, or building structures and earning money on their land.
  • Earn money from playing games
Also, what are the other features of GameFi? Some games also allow players to generate passive income without playing the game, either through wagering or by lending assets to others.
Earn money from playing games At the heart of the GameFi project is a revolutionary money-for-money (P2E) game mechanic. It is completely different from the pay-to-play model used by traditional video games. Pay-to-play games require the player to make an investment before starting the game. For example, video games like Call of Duty require players to purchase a license or a recurring subscription.
In most cases, traditional video games do not provide any financial return to the players and their in-game assets are held by the game company. In contrast, P2E games give players complete control over in-game assets while also offering them the opportunity to earn coins or GameFi Tokens.
One of the most popular games is Axie Infinity, which has been popular since 2018. Players can use their NFT pets (Axies) to earn SLP tokens by completing daily quests and battles. with other players.
They can also get AXS rewards if they reach a certain PvP level. Additionally, AXS and SLP can be used to create new Axies that can be used in the game or traded on their official NFT marketplace
  • Own digital assets
As we discussed, blockchain technology supports digital asset ownership, which means that players can monetize their in-game assets in a number of ways like GameFi Tokens…
Similar to video games, players can have avatars, pets, houses, weapons, tools, and more. But in GameFi, these assets can be issued or created as NFTs on the blockchain (also known as minted NFTs).
This gives players full control over their assets with verifiable authenticity and ownership.
  • DeFi. Application
Some GameFi projects also offer DeFi products and features, such as staking, liquidity mining, and yield mining. Typically, players can put their GameFi Tokens into the game to earn rewards, unlock exclusive items, or access new game levels.
The introduction of DeFi elements could also make crypto games more decentralized. Unlike traditional game studios, which centrally control updates to their games, some GameFi projects allow the community to participate in their decision-making.
They can propose and vote on future updates through a decentralized autonomous organization.

Gamefi of Natiol Infinity

Natiols Infinity is a company established in Singapore with a team of experienced and passionate technology who have grasped the trend and started implementing the GameFi & NFT program with 3 RPG games - the most popular game genre today. . This is a game ecosystem chain with the difference being that blockchain technology is applied to the game along with the Play for Monetization model.
Series 3 games include: Primitive world, legendary world .... The plot revolves around:
  • Humans crave power, thirst for power, master their destiny, master the world.
  • To do this, humans need evolutionary thinking and power. The best scientists research, invent, find and refine the most elite genes in history, transcending time and space to create real battles to breed, improve and evolve. , roleplaying as different kings to rule the Kingdom.
Players can choose their own scenario, each player is like a king of a country, they can choose generals, build armies, devise strategies and fight battles.
The second part of the game will take place in a future where humans transcend space and time to build their own virtual metaverse empire. Players will no longer use traditional devices such as laptops or mobile phones to participate in the game, instead they will enter the 3D virtual world, transforming into gods with unlimited power. and the ability to create and conquer new worlds.
Conquering the stronghold and unifying the world lies in the selection of heroes, equipment for the generals and the tactics of the battle. We realize that these things are very important, affecting the experience and ability to win the game, so we have put champions and game items on the blockchain (crypted), helping players to real The game experience and ownership of these are permanent and transparent.