💎Staking NAI Token

Staking Token NAI is a program and ecosystem of Natiol that operates completely independently and is controlled by the Blockchain system. The purpose of creating this Staking ecosystem is to aim to universalize Blockchain to the world and help the communities in Natiol to make money more easily. Along with that, Staking will help strengthen the security of the Natiol system and NAI will become more scarce, increasing the price progressively.

Security is the process of locking down digital assets (NAI in the case of NAI Hub) to provide economic security to a public blockchain.

Staking rewards

When the staking transaction is complete, rewards will start to be generated immediately. At any time, stakers can send a transaction to claim their accumulated rewards, using a wallet.

Where do rewards come from?

Staking rewards are generated and distributed to staked NAI holders in two ways:

  • Transaction fees: Transaction fees collected on the NAI Hub are distributed to staked NAI holders.

  • Newly created NAI: The total supply of NAI is inflated to reward stakers. NAI holders that do not stake do not receive rewards, meaning their NAI get diluted over time.

    The yearly inflation rate of NAI is available on most explorers.

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